Medium Of Instruction

The medium of instruction in the classes other than the language classes is English.


School Uniform

It is mandatory for every student to come in proper school uniform. No student will be allowed to enter the school campus in untidy or improper uniform in any circumstances what so ever. The specified school uniform is as follows:

  1. Navy Blue trousers
  2. White full-sleeved shirt
  3. White round cap
  4. Black leather shoes (Bata’s ‘Superstride’ make)
  5. Navy Blue socks
  6. Navy Blue full sleeved sweater


School Timings

Attested photocopies of the following documents are to be attached with the application form.

Warning Bell

:    08:55 AM


Morning Assembly

:   09:00 AM


Class Starts

:   09:15 AM


Recess / Prayer Time

:   01.05 PM


Post Recess Class

:   01.05 PM


School Ends

:   02:45 PM



Test / Examination Evaluation Pattern

There will be four examinations throughout the academic year from class Nursery to class VII.

Unit Test-I

:   50 marks (in each subject)

Half yearly Examination

:   100 marks (in each subject)

Unit Test-II

:   50 marks (in each subject)

Annual Examination

:   100 marks (in each subject)


:   300 marks

Examinations will be held for Class VIII, IX & X as per SEBA’s norms.

Promotion is granted on the basis of whole year’s performance. In the four examinations throughout the year, the students have to secure 40% i.e. 120 marks out of 300 in each subject for duly passing. On the other hand, if a student obtains average 40% marks of the grand total, he will also be declared promoted (passed in average) to the next higher class. It is to be noted that the Half yearly Examination, which will be held in the middle of the session will cover the whole course from the beginning upto the Half yearly Examination. Besides the Annual Examination will cover the course from. beginning of the session to the end of the academic year.