Drop coins for the future of orphans and poors

An onerous task that beckons assistance

Needless to say, the task in hand is enormous and it needs to be completed if we wish to see smile on the faces of these destitute children like the smiles we long to see on the lips of our own children. Muslims of Assam and in the northeast are generous even in this pitiable situation where 80% of them are living below the poverty line. To put it in nutshell, local peoples’ generous contributions are but like drops in the ocean – considering the task that Markazul Ma’arif has taken upon itself.

We rely on Allah for He taught us that service to mankind is the best service. We also take this opportunity to solicit contributions from Muslims, philanthropists and citizens of India in whatever way it could prove helpful in carrying out the tasks at hand.

“Service to Humanity is
Service to Allah” (Al-Hadith) and this is a message we must not forget if we wish o progress.