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Darul Yatama, Atoukhong (Manipur)

Atoukhong, Lilong, Manipur, is one of the remotest and most backward areas in Manipur, a northeastern province of India. Markazul Ma’arif has the honour and taken upon itself as Islamic duty to construct an orphanage here to shelter Muslim orphans who have been living in different camps in most inhuman and pitiable condition.

Since thousands of children in the state, (Manipur), are deprived of parental love and affection and living in severe and harsh condition, the President of Markazul Ma’arif has made it a point to reach to the aid of these orphans. Thus a new project by the name of “Markaz Darul Yatama Atoukhong (Manipur)” was introduced in the month of February’ 2000. Under this project, orphans from different relief camps and villages have been enrolled and brought to Markaz Darul Yatama where they are being housed together and provided basic amenities including the education.

Out of 300 applications from different camps that Markaz received, it was able to accomodate 70 only due to certain constraints. Later on more orphans were accommodated and currently 225 are being taken care of by MDY Atoukhong.