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Darul Yatama, Goalpara for Boys

Having seen the helpless plight of children who lost their parents in natural calamities and communal frenzy, concerned and caring persons like Maulana Badruddin Ajmal Al-Qasimi, President Markazul Ma’arif, came forward to save the future of these children. With their patronage and great efforts to impart basic teachings, educational facilities were opened in areas of Assam that have been often ravaged by flood, cyclone and destroyed due to communal riots. As a second step, 350 orphans from different camps were picked up and taken to the orphanage at Goalpara (Assam) and given shelter in temporary huts.

With the passage of time, the huts have taken shape of concrete buildings. Today, these orphanages have become vibrant residential education centers. At present 500 boys are housed in the campus that caters to their day-to-day needs i.e. food, clothings, books, pen & pencil, medicine, recreational materials etc. Markaz not only imparts Islamic education to these boys, but also provides conventional education under the guidance of highly qualified and dedicated teachers. Special care is taken to make these children grow healthy, physically as well as mentally. Orphans residing in this center are made capable of appearing in higher academic and career oriented technical examinations.