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Darul Yatama, Goalpara for Girls

Once Markazul Ma’arif picked up hapless boys from different camps, it raised the question that what we should do with the girls who were left behind. There were reports of anti-social elements picking them up and engaging them for begging and immoral acts. The Shura decided to construct a separate orphanage for girls. At first instance, 250 girls were brought and housed here.

Since Islam teaches segregation of sexes, the management has decided to make it a complete show of woman. Majority of the teachers are ladies. Though syllabus of girls is the same as that of boys, emphasis is being given here on Home Sciences where girls learn handicrafts and how to decorate and beautify a house. Urdu/Arabic has been made a compulsory subject for the girls so that they can learn more about Islam and its culture.

A decision is taken by the Shura to upgrade this orphanage into Central Orphanage for girls in the North-East region and accommodate at least 500 such destitute girls. Many applications have been received by Markaz Darul Yatama and process of making arrangement for them is going on.