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Question By : shaikh shahid

 assalamuwalaikum me and my wife had a dispute over phone. actually my wife had talked to a non muslim guy 2or 3times before our marriage as i had appointed that fellow for testing the loyalty of my wife was unawar of it. after marriage one day i lost my temper and scolded my wife by saying " agar tere dil mein us ladke k liye thoda bhi soft corner raha hoga us waqt to hamara rishta khatam". my wife said" ALLAH ki kasam mere dil mein us ladke k liye koi soft corner nai tha us waqt aur na hai". whatever may be the intention of my wife at that time is better known to ALLAH. should i believe my wife and is our marriage still intact?did any effect occur on our nikah due to the above mentioned statements. plz help me out of this dilemma.i made a lot of enquiry into the matter and asked that non muslim guy about my wife. he told that she means my wife had not answered his proposal of friendship or marriage. she had said"islam in cheezon ki ijazat nai deta kisi ladke k sath"...


Reply By : (Mufti) Jaseemuddin Qasmi
Designation : Mufti of Online Darul Ifta, MMERC 

In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful

In above mentioned case talaq did not occur. In future you must be careful about speaking the word talaq. Talaq is very serious matter in Islam. A hadth tells when a person pronounces talaq then Arsh shakes that means Allah becomes very angry.
And Allah knows the best

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