Message No : 80Sr.No : 1653/752
Question By : Muhammad Jameel

What is the correct way of shaking hands? How many times should we hug our friends while meeting and from which side? Are shaking hands and hugging are correct for girls among each other?, DI001


Reply By : Mufti Jaseemuddin Qasmi
Designation : Coordinator Online Darul Ifta, MMERC, Mumbai 

The correct way of shaking hands is that one should join his both the bare palms with other?. One should hug his friend just once. One can hug any side; right or left. The reason for right side is that prophet (saws) loved to begin every from side and the reason for left side is that human heart is in left side when they will hug from left side then the hearts of both will come closer and it cause to increase love and affection among them which is purpose of hugging. (Ahsanul Fatawa) Women can also shake hands and hug each other because the instruction of Islam in this regard is common for men and women.

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