Diploma in English Languages Literature (DELL)

English is the Lingua Franca of the world today. People, world over, communicate with each other and transact business through this language. Though Ulama from madrasas know Arabic and are able to comprehend Islam directly from the original sources but they are unable to communicate with the intelligentsia because they lack proficiency in English language. As a result, they are not only unable to present Islam to others but also fail to communicate with the educated people of their own community. MMERC wishes to remove this communication problem and wants Ulama to learn English and utilize the modern tools of communication such as computer and Internet so that they can read, write, speak and translate Islamic works into English and could become effective preacher and propagator of Islam. MMERC, in this regard, has introduced the following courses.

Education: Under this program, graduates from different Madaaris are selected after written and oral test. Priority is given to those graduates who have aptitude and also willingness to master the English language and work for Dawah in the future. MMERC selects the Trainee from fresh graduates of Islamic educational institutions such as Darul Uloom Deoband and Nadwatul Ulama of Lucknow. Students undergo training at the Markaz premises for two years with the sole objective of acquiring proficiency in the English language and operating computer and internet.

The Centre has achieved great success in this field. Students who successfully complete MMERC prescribed intensive language course, stand at par with graduates of English medium public schools and colleges. So far nearly 100 graduates from madrasas have been trained by MMERC who are capable of writing articles, delivering lectures on Islam and comparative religion, teaching English and Arabic through English medium and taking researches in English independently. Most of the successful students of MMERC have been absorbed at renowned organizations, institutes and magazines in India while several have gone abroad as translators, teachers and interpreters. The senior products of this course are now well capable to teach the new ones who are enrolled.

Inspired by the successful experience of MMERC to teach the Ulama English and modern technology, many organizations and institutions have started the same course with the help of MMERC, In 2002, Darul Uloom Deoband has introduced this course, which is run by MMERC products. Likewise, Jamiat Shabab-ul-Muslimin Lucknow and Markaz-e-lslami Ankleshwar, Gujarat have opened faculty of English, which is also run by MMERC products.

Research Training: Having successfully passed the exams, some qualified students are adopted for three years intensive full time ‘Research and Training’ course. During this period they are inculcated research methodology and prepared for an in-depth research. The topic of research is basically related to Islam and Muslims. During first year the trainee selects a topic in consultation with his guide at MMERC, collects materials, participates in seminars on the subject, meets different experts of the subject and goes to different libraries. The trainee is required to submit an article of his research findings in no less than 50 pages. Once they complete the Research Training course and submit the papers successfully, they are enrolled for “Research Fellow” course.

Research Fellow: During second year, the Research Fellow is to take thorough research on the same topic for which he has already submitted a paper. The- intensive research is done here with a view to come out with new findings that helps in removing misgiving related to Islam vis-a-vis other religion and modern scientific researches. Topics of research are also chosen with a view to highlight certain lacunae prevailing in our own social system that are not compatible with the teachings of the Glorious Qur’an and the Sunnah. MMERC sometimes assigns topic of research that is with the objective of highlighting the reasons for Muslims educational and economic backwardness so that corrective measures could be taken in the future by those interested in it The topics of research so far undertaken by MMERC scholars are as follows:

* Contribution of Ulama in India’s Independence
* Madrasa Education: its Strength and Weakness
* Islam and Human Rights
* Qadianism- Historical Facts Behind the Belief
* Maulana Qasim Nanautavi: an Educationist and Freedom Fighter
* Propagation as Means of Influencing Minds

Some works of the researchers have got published while some are in the pipeline. The works on Madrasa Education and Human Rights have specially been undertaken by Manak Publications, New Delhi for publishing.