Drop coins for the future of orphans and poors

1. Scholarship

Markazul Ma’arif provides monthly scholarship to needy meritorious students so that they can pursue higher studies in disciplines such as Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, Qura’an and Hadith etc. Also we take into consideration some other students who don’t fall into the category of meritorious students but need help to continue their future studies.

2. Book Bank

Markaz supplies books from its ‘Book Bank’ to students belonging to Govt. Primary Schools and Islamic morning schools whose parents due to financial hardship cannot afford to purchase their textbooks.

3. Establishment of Educational Institutions

Markaz has started running English Medium Schools for boys and girls separately. The endeavour is intended at imparting high quality education in an Islamic atmosphere. It has implemented ‘Deeniyat” as a subject curriculum along with modern educational curriculum such as science, mathematics, computer etc. This is intended at keeping students abreast of Islamic teachings that would help them ward off onslaught of anti Islamic forces in different garbs. Keeping this in mind, Markazul Ma’arif has established a separate institute by the name of ‘Markazul Ma’arif Education & Research Center’ (MMERC) in New Delhi (in 1994) and in Mumbai (in 1998). MMERC trains Madrasa qualified graduates in mastering the English language and in acquiring the writing skill that would enable them to face any question posed anywhere and answer them satisfactorily in the light of the Glorious Qur’an and Sunnah.

4. Career Gidance Cell

Markazul Ma’arif also strives to patronize and guide students to compete in Civil Service and other competitive examinations held at state as well as national level. It conducts seminar and symposium to disseminate information and awareness among Muslim youth about the existing opportunities. Under this cell, Markazul Ma’arif runs coaching classes for the students willing to appear in competitive exams.

5. Public Library

Markazul Ma’arif has established a well-furnished public library at Hojai with rich collections of books in different languages. The library has a good stock of valuable books on different topics and disciplines such as arts, commerce, science, technology, agriculture, medicine, computer science etc along with audio-video and round the clock reading room facilities. There are around 15000 books in Arabic, Urdu, Persian, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali and English. The library subscribes scores of periodicals, magazines and newspapers from all over the world.