1. Students must reach the school campus at least 10 minutes before the commencement of the morning assembly. It is mandatory for each and every student to be present at the morning assembly..
  2. Observance of strict discipline, regularity, good behavior, respect and obedience to the teachers and elders, tidy and proper uniform, courtesy of speech and good conduct are essential prerequisites of a student at the Academy and Hostel premises..
  3. No student will be allowed to leave. the school campus during the school hours without prior written permission from the principal.
  4. Students must always speak in .English. No student is allowed to speak in any vernacular language whatsoever, within the school/hostel campus
  5. It is compulsory to bring the Hand Book daily to the school. All notices and communications with the guardians will be made through the school Hand Book only. The Hand Book shall also contain the day today record of the students including their conduct, behavior, attitude, regularity etc.
  6. Any loss or damage caused intentionally to the school property, by any student(s) will invite appropriate punishment and the same will have to be compensated by the student(s) concerned, himself/themselves.
  7. Any misbehavior, use of indecent language, indulgence in any kind of violence or any such act that may be deemed unlawful by the school authority will invite immediate termination of such students from the school.
  8. Students using the School Bus must obtain a Bus Card from the office. A student not having a Bus Card will not be allowed in the bus.

Special rebates up to 2% may be availed on the gross annual fees if paid for a whole academic session in advance