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Markaz Academy offers facilitative and well maintained hostel accommodation for students.

Salient Features


  1. Calm and serene environs
  2. Regular Extra Class coaching on all subjects
  3. Library and reading room
  4. Group Discussions
  5. Quiz, eloquence, spoken English and personality development sessions
  6. Excursions and educational tours
  7. Menu based separate mess cuisines
  8. Round the clock electricity (generator) facility
  9. Essential services like washer man, barber etc
  10. Routine medical checkup and health care

Note: Owing to limited seats in the hostel preference shall be given to the out station students.

Hostel Admission

Students seeking admission to the hostel must obtain a Hostel Admission Application Form from the office of the Principal. Thereafter, duly filled application form, 4(four} passport sized photographs, along with the requisite fees must be submitted to the office of the Principal.

Hostel Rules

Attested photocopies of the following documents are to be attached with the application form.

    1. Students are not permitted to leave the hostel campus except when are taken out by parents, guardians, authorized resident teachers or other duly authorized persons.
    2. The admission to the hostel is purely provisional. It will be subjected to good behaviour, discipline, abiding of rules and timely clearance of dues.
    3. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the students found guilty of misbehavior, misconduct or adherence to any anti social activity.
    4. No discussion or gathering of any sort by the boarders inside any hostel room is allowed at any time of the day or night.
    5. Boarders are not allowed to entertain guests or any outside person in the rooms. No day scholar is allowed to enter the hostel complex or rooms.
    6. Hostellers are not allowed to enter the hostel rooms during class hours.
    7. Boarders found smoking / chewing tobacco, betel nut etc will be expelled from the hostel without further explanation.
    8. Individual rooms must at all time be kept clean and tidy.
    9. Muslim students must attend the Swalaah congregations regularly. Non observance of swalaah may invite disciplinary action and termination from the hostel.
    10. Hostel Mess:
      • Entering in the kitchen is strictly prohibited. Interacting with the kitchen staff, disturbing the kitchen staff during cooking hours or otherwise will invite strict disciplinary action.
      • Students must strictly adhere to the mess timings and maintain decorum at the Dining hall. Boarders who miss their meal due to willful
      • absence or late coming will not be served under any circumstances.
      • Selective menus will be entertained only on medical grounds.
    11. Students must not keep expensive belongings with them in the hostel. No student is allowed to keep more than Rs.50/- with him at a time. However the excess money may be deposited in his personal account at the hostel Superintendent’s office.
    12. All the incumbents of a room will be collectively responsible for all the furniture, electrical fittings etc. Any damage caused by
    13. unidentified miscrent to any property in the room will have to be compensated / replaced / repaired collectively by the incumbents of the room concerned.
    14. Boarders are not allowed to wear shabby or odd dresses. Sleeve less shirts, Shorts or half pants and lungis are strictly prohibited in the hostel/school campus. Students are not allowed to keep shabby and odd hair styles or any such fashion.
    15. Toilets / bathrooms should be kept tidy and clean. At the time of prayers the hostellers must have their ablutions (Wudhu) within their blocks. They must not block the taps particularly meant for day scholars. This is to be strictly followed at the time of Zuhr prayers;