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1. Basic Islamic Education

This is one of the spheres of education whereby the lofty ideals of Islam and its values are infused into the minds of every Muslim child. The basic aim behind this is to safeguard the believers against the onslaught of kufr and ilhad infidelity. In order to achieve the goal, Markaz has established a large number of Makatib (Islamic elementary morning schools) in the whole of the North Eastern states of India.

2. Makatib Teachers Training Programme

Markaz organises training programmes and refresher courses for teachers and Imams so that they can impart quality education and services to the youth in their own mother tongue.

3. Sirat Mahfil

Sirat Mahfils are held under the auspices of Markaz in different parts of the state. The aim of holding such Mahfils is mainly to make the people aware of the lofty character of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (P.B.U.H) so that they too could emulate some of those qualities in their daily life.

4. Dars-E-Qura'an

A weekly programme to read has been introduced in great number of mosques and other places with the purpose that the common Muslim can learn the Holy Qur’an correctly with its interpretation.