Drop coins for the future of orphans and poors

Markazul Ma’arif has formulated a scheme of Job Oriented Training Courses for the unemployed youths to tackle the ever-increasing problems of unemployment. The courses are in the following branches.

1. Computer Training.
2. Mechanical Training.
3. Tailoring, Cutting, Knitting and Embroidery.
4. Type setting & DTP.
5. Weaving.
6. Welding.
7. Carpentry.

It organizes Training Camps, Seminars and Symposium in rural as well urban areas of northeast region of India. The organization also helps in providing suitable placements for candidates who have gone through the training courses.

The scheme has already proved to be a boon for educated, skilled and deserving poor youths. The Markaz also manages Data Bank of candidates, looking for job opportunity in India and abroad.

Organization and individual interested in providing employment and helping the cause may look at the CANDIDATES’ PROFILES.