Markaz Darul Yatama – a Brief Profile:

Assam is a small state of North East Region of India of which more than 30% population are Muslims. Though the people of the state live peacefully together but some times some furious incidences and clashes take place and people of various ethnic groups indulge in violence which very often culminates to render thousands of people homeless overnight.
Such an incidence took place on the 7th October 1993 in the districts of kokarajhar, Bangaigaon and Barpata where 32 Villages were attacked, thousands of people were rendered homeless. The victims, mostly the Muslims had to take refugee in various relief camps set up by the goverment. At that time, a total of 50 thousands of victims took shelter at such camps and they were passing their lives in very pitiable condition. Still there are about 25 thousand people lamenting in camps and appealing for Government grant for rehabilitation but in vain. Despite intention, some of them were reportedly indulged in some anti social activities due to lack of basic Islamic education and for the pain of extreme poverty. There was neither any educational facility for the childrens nor any proper source of income for the riot victims residing in the camps.

Many of those victimized families became orphans and there was none of theirs own to look after and console them on the earth under the sun. Further, it was reported that aggravating economic state put the victims in an abject living condition and the so called guardians, widow mothers used to sell the orphan girls for a few hundred rupees to Christian Missionaries. Then they even didn’t hesitate to disown their own religion – Islam. There are reportedly many girls working as sold maind-servant in Naga families.

Having learnt the miserable plight of those angels like innocent children, a team under the leadership of

Maulana Badruddin Ajmal saheb and Mohd. Sirajuddin Ajmal sahab as well Hafiz Bashir Ahmed Qasimi sahab

thought of establishing a central orphanage with the aim of protecting the precious lives of the orphans lamenthing in the wretched camps and extend them all possible facilities of islamic basic education along with other general education in a homely environment where they can enjoy the childhood charms, parrental love and affection of which they were devoid of.

Multi-purpose Education for the Children :

Alhamdulillah, the boys and girls are being, impartted both General education as well basic Islamic education along with vocational trainings for making them self reliant. With the help of Career Guidance Cell of Markazul Ma’arif, some of the orphans are admitted in Vernacular Medium school, some others are in Qur’an Memorisation centre & Mardrassa, while a large number of children are admitted in English Medium Schools.
Markazul Darul Yatamas (orphanages) prove how deeply the organization thinks of imparting multifaceted education to the children. Ttudents of Marlaz Darul Yatamas are taught with modern education-Like Education of day to day life, education on Physical and Mental Training, Education for Personality Development, Job-Oriented Vocational Education,as well Professional Education.

Religious Education for every child (either school or Madrassa students) is mandatory. Ethical and moral lessons take Vital role at Markaz Darul Yatamas and therefore the teaching staff is also motivated to be very dedicated and efficient too.

Presently there are 6 orphan houses under Markazul Ma’arif, Please have a look –