It is an undeniable fact that Ulama have been the backbone of the Muslim Ummah, and their extraordinary efforts through ages have kept the Islamic assets protected and flourishing on the Indian soil. Had there not been Ulama after the decline of Muslim rule the mythical Indian civilization would have absorbed Muslim identity and culture. Therefore, the fate of Muslims as a unit and a separate religious group depends on the progressive ideas, up-to-date policies and universal thoughts of their spiritual leaders. At the threshold of the new millennium, as the Ummah was surrounded by multitude political problems it faced the biggest challenge to its civilization and cultural heritage. Since the Ulama, being aware of only Islamic sciences and Urdu-Arabic languages, were not only lacking access to the international community but also to a good part of their population as well. Apprehending the alarming bell, the president of Markazul Ma’arif, Maulana Badruddin Ajmal Al-Qasmi, stepped up to establish Markazul Ma’arif Education & Research Centre (MMERC} in 1994 in New Delhi (which now has been shifted to Mumbai) to equip the graduates of madrasas with the modern sciences so that they could meet the modem needs and play a greater influential role in the society. It is interesting to note that MMERC is the first institution of its kind in the world, which undertakes to train Ulama for the modern world.

MMERC also serves as a platform that bridges the gulf between the two parts of the Muslim community i.e. modern educated ones and madrasa products. This is a high time for them to cast aside their rigidity and the bitterness of dual education system for the noble cause of unity in Muslim Ummah. MMERC introduces a number of courses and programmes for the benefit of the community, which are as follow: