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1. Supply of Drinking Water

Markaz makes arrangements for pure drinking water by digging wells and installing hand pumps in areas where people have little access to table water. During the rainy season and in flood affected areas, volunteers of Markaz visit remote villages and create awareness about water born diseases and how to make it safe for drinking. Materials such as bleaching powder, alum, hydrated lime etc is supplied in areas where the need arises.

2. Waiting Sheds

Waiting sheds in rural areas have been constructed by Markaz for wayfarer to make their journey easy. There are separate sheds for male and female where travelers take rest from scorching heat.

3. Environmental Promotion Campaign

To keep pace with the global efforts of protecting environment, Markaz carries out several awareness programmes to reduce pollution and reckless deforestation. It carries out publicized Plantation Campaign to make people aware to the dire need of pollution control.

4. Qurbani Programme

Since 80% Muslims of the region are living under the poverty line and they cannot afford to give a single Qurbani even on the day of Eid-ul-Azha, Markaz does it in poverty stricken areas of the region that enables people to celebrate Eid with joy and gaiety.

5. Haj Programme

There are numerous pious Muslims who long to perform Haj. Markaz provides assistance and training to some of them every year so that they can fulfill their Islamic Fariza and inner desires of visiting Bait-Allah.

6. Ramadhan Programme

In the holy month of Ramadhan Markazul Ma’arif provides Iftar and Sehri to the selected poor families, it also provides Iftar to the labourers and wayfarers.

7. Construction of Peace Pillar

Markazul Ma’arif believes that the prosperity of a community and a nation depends upon peaceful coexistence, amity and solidarity among different sections of people. To develop communal harmony among different sections of people in Assam as well as in other North Eastern states, Markaz has constructed a “Peace Pillar” at Hojai that was inaugurated by Mr. Romesh Chandra, President of “World Peace Council”.