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Prevailing Condition in the North East

Assam is one of the seven sisters provinces that jointly make the Northeastern region of India. Out of 7 million total population of Assam, 29% are Muslims. Although Assam is full of greenery and rich in natural resources, the socio-economic condition of its inhabitants – particularly Muslims – remains pathetic. This is mainly because the majority of Muslims inhabit the areas that fall under the lap of Brahmaputra river range. They are victims of recurring floods and cyclone. Come monsoon and thousands are made homeless every year. Needless to say, this puts them into tight corner economically. The economic hardship breeds crime. Some of them not only indulge in anti-social activities, but also renounce Islam for a paltry sum.

To add to their woe is the ethnic communal violence that have killed thousands of Muslims and made thousands and thousands homeless. These victims have taken refuge at various relief camps of the Government. Estimated 36 thousand people sheltered at various camps are passing their days in a very pitiable condition. There are no education facilities for the children. Orphans living in these camps have none under the sky to console them.

Markazul Ma’arif along with some concerned individuals established Markaz Darul Yatama. They brought Muslim orphans from different relief camps and housed them into temporary huts. The humble act of Markaz that began in 1994 has become a towering achievement today. Markaz Darul Yatama at Goalpara (Assam) has become the biggest orphanage in the entire northeast region of India.