Drop coins for the future of orphans and poors

1. Relief

Markaz plays an active role in relief and rehabilitation operation for victims of natural calamities. It caters to the need of the people irrespective of their caste, creed and religion by providing them with food, clothing, medicine and seeds etc

2. Health Care

Medical aid is extended to the ailing and needy people living in remote and far-flung areas. Physicians and young volunteers are engaged for the noble cause

Details of Healthcare and Sanitation Scheme

Details of Healthcare and Sanitation Scheme
For the Year 2003 – 04
Budget :  Rs. 9,50,000.00
Expenditure :  Rs.    64,275.00
Budget for the year 2004 – 05 :  Rs.35,00,000.00

3. Donation

Markaz generously donates fund to the Honourable Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund and Chief Minister’s Relief Fund at the time of natural calamities. This money receipt was issued by the Prime Minister’s Office recognising the fund donated by Markazul Ma’arif.

4. Aid in Kind

Markaz renders help and cooperation to the physically handicapped people living below the poverty line by offering them Rickshaw, Thela, Sewing Machine, Weaving Machine etc. to make them self-dependent.

5. Monthly Aid

Financial aid is granted to selected old-aged Ulama, widows, orphans and handicapped people who are unable to earn their livelihood.
Details of Monthly Aid

Details of Monthly Aid
At present Markaz provides Monthly Aid to:
a) Poor(living under extreme poverty line) : 47
Ulama : 31
Widows : 155
Physicaly Handicapped : 23
Total : 256
Total budget for 2003-04 : Rs.11,40,000.00
Total expenmditure in 2003-04 : Rs.8,71,550.00
Budget for 2004-05 : Rs.12,80,000.00

6. Marriage Aid

FFinancial assistance is extended to the poor and helpless parents for performing the marriage ceremony of their daughters.
Details of Monthly Aid

Details of Marriage Aid
For the Year 2003 – 04
Budget :  Rs. 60,000.00
Expenditure :  Rs. 58,400.00
For the Year 2004 – 05
Budget for the year 2004 – 05 :  Rs.8,00,000.00
Mass Marriage of at least 100 couples

@Rs.8,000.00 per marriage.

7. Housing Aid

Financial aid is also given to those who are rendered homeless due to natural calamities.

8.Interest Free Loan for Business

Markaz has a provision for offering interest-free loan to needy Muslims for opening and running small businesses.



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