Serene Atmosphere Free from the Din & Bustle of the Town:

Markaz Academy English High School, Situated by the Nagaon-Hojai Main Road, is just 5 to 10 minutes journey from Hojai town, its well secured and sprawling campus is enhanced with lush greeeneries all around making it enchantingly suitable for the incumbents.

Well qualified Teaching Staff

The Markaz management takes great care in selecting its teachers. Through advertisement in national and state dailies, it selects competent and experienced teachers and pays them handsome salary and furnished accommodation. Markaz does not fail to take note of the fact that good teachers make a good school.

Regular Coaching Beyond School Hours:

The Academy provides extra coaching classes for the boarding students specially and for those day scholars who opt for it, in the evening and morning within the school campus. Additionally, special coaching by experienced faculties for class-X students is also arranged every year in order to enable the students to come out in flying colours in the H.S.L.C. final examination.

Well Equipped Library with Reading Room:

At Markaz Academy, the students are encouraged to form reading habit early. Varieties of books on divers subjects relevant to the intellectual and moral growth of the students have been stocked. Sufficient text books and reference books are available in the library for the students to lend from.

Computer Lab:

Markaz Academy is one of the few schools here to have a sophisticated computer lab. Realizing the trend of the age, the Academy gives ample scope to its alumni to go computer savy. Apart from introductory computer courses, a couple of job oriented and modern utility packages are also included in the curriculum. The lab has enough educational software and games for the students to indulge in.

Physical Education, Games & Sports:

Physical education, being a pivotal part of the modern educational curriculum, Markaz Academy does essence on this vital aspect. Ample time with adequate scope is allotes for games and sports to keep the students’ body and mind in the best form. The school provides sufficient sports materials to add the necessary sporting facilities along with a spacious campus and performs its best to make every child physically, mentally and emotionally fit to lead a sociable life with potent ability and to manage everykind of responsibility boldly and accurately. Only the persons with sound mind in healthy body with noble ambition and strong will help to constitute a vigorous and glorious nation.

Special care for Health & Sanitation

A new feature intoruduced by the Markaz management in its scholls, especially the ones at Hojai is the periodical health check up facilities for its students. Not only do the doctors and specialists of the local HAMM Hospital attend to the health care needs of the students on regular basis but they periodically lecture them about health awareness and common ‘dos and don’ts’ of basic health care.

Diniyat Classes (Maktab):

On the essence of religious education Late Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, the former President of India has said “The education given to our students without religious education, makes them but a first class devil”. Referring to the same context the eminent Muslim philosopher, Moulana Syed Abdul Hasan Nadvi said, “So far as Muslims are concerned religious education and basic knowledge of Islam are indispensable as air and water for human beings.”
Islamic religious studies or ‘diniyat’ form an integral part of the curriculum. Imparting valu based Islamic education and inculcating an Islamic way to life among its Muslim students in particular is th motto of the Markaz Schools. The diniyat classes are conducted in the traditional way within the school maktab by qualified ‘Ulemas’ from renowned ‘Darul Ulooms’ across the country. Essentialities pertaining to ‘Tahaarat’, ‘Wudhu’, ‘Ghust’, ‘Kalimah’, ‘Swalaah’ etc. form the core of the course material of this class. Special lecture sessions on moral education, ‘Haraam-a-halaal’ (dos and don’ts) are also conducted on regular basis to keep the students well informed and vigilant to themselves.

The Curriculum:

The Curriculum comprises the essential branches of study approved by the Board of Secondary Education, Assam (SEBA). Higher faculties with diverdified scopes will be initiated in due course.
the study of the holy Quran, Islamic studies, Physical Education and computer studies form part of the academy’s curriculum.

Co-curricular activities:

In order to ensure the development of the students’ allround balanced personality, the Academy provides ample opportunity to indulge themselves in a wide variety of co-curricular activities which include both indoor and outdoor games, quiz competitions, debate, extempore speech, public speaking, fine arts, literary activities etc. All indoor and outdoor activties are undertaken in an organised manner by expert, experienced teachers. Spontaneity and freedom of interest is the key note of all co-curricular activities. Every encouragement is provided to disclose the hidden potentiallity of the children in their respective field.

Educational tours / Excursions:

Educational tours play an important role in the field of education, such tours not only break monotony of the day-to-day hectic schedule but also help acquiring first hand knowledge of history, culture, geography and science. Hence, such wisdom providing educational tours are arranged time and again to the places of educative interest.

House System:

To inculcate a sound team spirit, competitive mind, and sportsmanship quality bestowed with flawless discipline and punctuality, four houses have been set up as Azad House, Azanpir House, Iqbal House and Madani House named after Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad, Azanpir, Mohammed Iqbal and Moulana Syed Hussain Ahmed Madani respectively. Inter-house competitions in games and sports and other co-curricular activities are organised regularly as per schedule.