It is too obvious to mention what type of result the education system of Lord Macaulay has brought on our students from an Islamic point of view. Though they receive modem sciences and technology but they remain unacquainted with their religion and culture. This results in to a trauma that they being on high posts have no vital role to play in the development of Muslims. Therefore, MMERC has started six-month course to introduce Islam and its characteristics to the college/university products so that they can have their due shares in building the community and restoring its past glory. The information that they are provided with are as follows: Fundamental Beliefs & Practices of Islam, Sirah, Islamic History, Basic Fiqh (related to day-to-day life), Arabic language, Recitation of the Glorious Qur’an with Tajweed, Ahadith and Duaas. So far, one batch of seven members has benefited from the course.