Drop coins for the future of orphans and poors

The department endeavours to translate Islamic literatures into different languages such as English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic and also in regional languages like Assames, Bengali, Manipuri, Marathi etc. The Department also encourages authors to write books in various languages to spread the teachings of Qura’an and Sunnah. It also publishes books refuting the slanderous comments on Islam. In order to disseminate the message of Islam, it publishes booklets, pamphlets and leaflets for free distribution among the non-Muslims. The Publication Dept. takes part in various National and International Book Fairs

Writers having manuscripts on Islamic topics, unpublished due to any reason, may feel free to consult the Department.

People endowed with healthy thought, good suggestion, impressive writing skills are requested to help organization materialize its projects. Keeping in mind that the organization is absolutely noncommercial and is marching ahead only by the help and on the genorosity of brethren, people whom Allah has gifted with wealth may participate in certain projects

Those who want to publish books on Islam in order to seek Allah’s pleasure or to bring His reward and mercy on their deceased relatives (Isaal-e- Sawaab) may contact Markazul Ma’arif.