Of all social and humanitarian activities rendered by Markazul Ma’arif, Education has always been the most significant project and on top of all agenda. Markazul Ma’arif lays special emphasis on Education and for this noble purpose, it establishes educational institutions in educationally backward areas, mostly in rural parts of the state and runs English and Assamese Medium Schools providing adequate infrastructure and a well educated & devoted staff to cater to the needs of the present day society.

Establishment of Schools

Markazul Ma’arif established English Medium Residential schools with the name of ‘Markaz Academy’ both for Boys and Girls in separate campuses at Hojai in the year 1994 with only 82 students and 05 staff members. Since the Markaz schools have proliferated in different locations of the state and Markaz alumni are distinguishing themselves in various walks of life. This English medium residential school now attracts students from entire North East Region of the country for its quality education, unique features, well-researched curriculum, state-of-the art facilities and special care for each child. Starting just with one school at Hojai in the year 1994, now it has established 40+ schools under the name of ‘Markaz Academy’ which provide the students with value based quality education mostly in the rural and socially backward areas of Assam. The Markaz Academy Group of Schools has about 13,000+ students and 800+ staff across Assam in this academic year 2020


Glimpses of Academies


Markaz Elementary Education Improvement Mission

This mission seeks to bring the non starter & slow learners of elementary classes at par with other students with a view to reduce school drop-out rate at the early stage of education. Such slow learners/ non starters are generally neglected by teachers and also by parents and are left uncared for. The response of the mission has been tremendous as 90% of students who were declared slow learners showed great signs of improvements within a period of 10 months.

Markaz Merit Scholarship

Markazul Ma’arif has been providing scholarship to the poor and meritorious students for pursuing higher education who otherwise could not achieve cherished goals. At present, scholarships are awarded to the students of Medical, Engineering, Management, Journalism, Law, Madrasa Education etc. So far 200+ Doctors & 75+ Engineers have completed their courses and engaged in their profession

Career Guidance and Counselling

None can deny the importance of Career Guidance, Markazul Ma’arif endeavours to guide & patronize meritorious students for their higher education and better career in their lives. This is done right from class VI onwards by minutely observing the latent talent, choice of area & potentials 

Markaz Computer Education

Today, the whole world is linked. Computer and Internet has become household names. From teachers to students, engineers to astronauts, politician to common man, almost all have access to computers and internet. Internet today has become the only source of fast communication. Markazul Ma’arif is engaged to provide state-of-the art Computer and IT education to youth who want to make a career in this field. So, the main objective of our mission is to train those talents who did not have the opportunity to engage themselves due to lack of proper guidance and facilities. A student can select from a range of quality courses according to his or her necessity.

MARKAZ CABA HOJAI Centre View copy

Markaz Public Library

The Markaz Public Library is the centre of attraction for the intellectuals, Educationists, teachers and students. The library has a rich collection of books on various topics and subjects in different languages along with audio–video and round the clock reading facilities. There are approximately 16500+ books in English, Arabic Urdu, Assamese, Bengali, Hindi and Persian. The library subscribes a good number of magazines, periodicals and newspapers