Under Krishi Vikash Kendra (KVK)
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India is predominantly an agricultural country. So, its development mainly depends upon agricultural development. Hence, Markazul Ma’arif set up a Krishi Vikash Kendra at Padumpukhuri to facilitate training on allied Agril for betterment of farmers in cooperation with Government Agril. Department, Agril. Scientists and other Non Government agencies undertakes training programmes for farmers so that they can obtain maximum benefits of modern scientific agricultural techniques. Hence, for the welfare and development of farmers, Markaz takes on the following programmes.

Krishi Vikash Kendra at Padumpukhuri, Hojai, Assam

Training Camps / Workshops on

Ajmal Rural Technology & Demonstration Centre (ARTDC) AGRIL. under Krishi Vikash Kendra The state of Assam, in spite of being endowed with plenty of natural resources, has failed to make the desired headway in the Agriculture Sector compared to other parts of the country. A significant section of farmers of the state is still preoccupied with the obsolete techniques of farming. Agriculture, being the prime mover of the state’s economy and of the nation as a whole, a major section of the state’s workforce associated with this vital sector should get due importance which it so rightfully deserves. ARTDC (Agril.) aims at the transfer of knowledge of the latest developments in agriculture section to the farmers of the state and to make the farmers aware about the schemes formulated by the Governments (central and state) to promote this sector as well to transfer improved and modern knowledge in Agriculture from Lab to Land to equip the farmers with the latest technologies.

Fishery cum Duckery for demonstration