Ajmal Culinary Academy

Padumpukhuri, Kapahbari, Hojai 782445, Assam

Ajmal Culinary Academy is an innovative idea and the ambitions project is a brainchild of Mohammad Sirajuddin Ajmal, Hon’ble Joint CEO of AJMAL CSR. He encouraged Markazul Ma’arif to initiate such skill development project which can take advantage of the job opportunities in the lucrative food industry. In this course, the trainees will learn about different types of meals used in industry, adopt different profiles, dress codes and attributes of a cook and identifies also learn to equipment, glassware, tableware, cutlery/crockery and other equipment. They will be taught to use various modern cookery, acquire skills, attitude and behavior required in the kitchen. They will be taught the usage of Kitchen Equipments, Tools, Utensils, Food Processor, preparing various types of sumptuous food that satisfy consumers of different regional countries. will be taught to cater to the taste buds of oriental customers and for western guests/customers


The main aim of this training program is to provide Skill Development to the unemployed youth, to enhance their and to make them employable in Food and Beverage sector, Hotel, Hostel, Restaurants, Hospitality industry etc.

Target group

Job seekers, unemployed/ dropped out students after formal school education and disadvantaged youths of Hojai in particular and of Assam in general


The medium of instruction for this course will be in English/Hindi/Assamese. The trainees will be oriented on technical terminology in English/Hindi


On implementation of the project and imparting training the project will surely support the unemployed youths to hone their skill of cooking to earn Livelihood with dignity.

The table below depicts the distribution of training hours across various course elements during the period of six months.

Sl No.Course Element Training Hours
1Professional Knowledge ( Theory-Domain area)480 hours (80 days)
2Professional Skill ( Practical)240 hours (40 days)
3Employability Skills (soft skill, life skill etc.)180 hours (30 days)
4On-job Training180 hours( 30 days)
5Revision & Examination
Total=6 hours daily x 6 months. 6 days in a Week 1080 hours


Padumpukhuri, Kapahbari, Hojai 782445, Assam

Contact no.

+91 9957753722, 8055578164

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