Felicitation to Scholarship Holders (14 MBBS)

28 January: What could be more remarkable social service for an organization more than offering helping hand to 14 number of meritorious individuals who could prove themselves to become doctors and great assets for the society. Yes, this marvelous day was observed today by Markazul Ma’arif Hojai. Tears of joy & happiness gathered all around in the eyes of its top officials and scholarship holders.

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Today 14 number of Markaz Scholarship Holders who successfully completed degree of MBBS from various medical colleges participated in a felicitation program organised by Markazul Ma’arif. Markaz has a mission to help poor but meritorious students to achive their desired goals. Till date, Markaz has contributed to more than 750 such scholars. Among them, 209 are doctors. But it is for the first time in its long journey of social services when 14 number of doctors who were contributed by Markazul Ma’arif, passed out at the same year in this good number. Markazul Ma’arif invited them with their proud guardians and felicitated them with warm wishes. The program was chaired by Dr. SH Choudhury, working president and indeed the back bone of the project